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Default Re: What do you use for Bottle cap necklaces?

Thanks so much everyone.

I use washers as well.

It is really funny, I just bought magnets from 2 separate sellers on eBay. One I have bought from before. Well I saw 100 of them for .99 (bid not a buy it now) and the S&H was $1.99 from China. OMG I wish I could describe how TINY these magnets are. LOL ALL 100 of the fit in a baggie the size of my thumb. They are smaller than any pill I have ever seen/taken. They are even smaller than a sweet pea. I feel like such a fool. I guess I misread the size or something.
Don't get me wrong. They are strong little boogers, but I would be afraid that if for some reason they did fall off then the person would never find it again. I would take a picture of them, but you still couldn't picture how teeny they are.

I am going to try gluing a couple of them on a bottle cap or scrabble tile to see just how well or NOT they hold. Oh well, I guess I got what I paid for. Tee Hee

Do you find bright colored hose at Wal-Mart of where do you buy them from? I think if the tie dyed shirts that we made sell then I am going to buy a bunch of RIT dye and just dye some hose when I do the next shirts that we make. I just hate to spend that much on dye for just panty hose.

I would consider buying the pre-made ones, but I hate spending that much money on them when I know that they probably made them themselves somehow, ya know? I guess I just try to spend as little as possible to still have a quality item so that I can sell it myself for as little as possible.

Thanks to the person who sent me the website. I am going to check that out. I won't be able to order until after the first because I have 2 craft shows in the next two weeks. Way too busy trying to get everything done.
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