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Default Re: Assistance in starting a small, local bow business

Originally Posted by heatherens View Post
Thanks for the info. How about colors? It seems every time I go to make a stacked bow or add loops or spikes, I don't have the right color or size. Do you suggest buying the same colors in mulitiple widths and then coordinating the dots and stripes? Is there any way to make sure a print ribbon (like starbursts or little piggies) match the solid?
I was here not too long ago and I'm still trying to figure it out lol. The advice I got was to get the main colors (black, white, red, a few pinks, etc.) and get them in all widths. You have to see what widths you use most. I found that I use 3/8" and 7/8". Some people use more 1.5" so it really depends on your stuff.
BUY IN BULK. Do NOT buy ribbon from local craft stores!!! Buy from TRR or RABOM or UB. Those are the main ones I think.
RABOM give you coordinating solids to their prints so I always find that helpful. Even if you look at some places (even on ebay and etsy) that sell ribbon packs, you can find the coordinating colors.
HTH! Good Luck!
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