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Default Re: Anyone ever us this

Originally Posted by kadynsmomma View Post
How does your light diffuse through foam board? I'm sure I am thinking way too literally...

I would think you definitely need to get one of the cloth tents from B&H or amazon. You set up your lights on either side and behind so you have perfect diffused light on all sides of your product. It is so totally worth the $50-$60.
You cut the inside out of three of the sides, cutting about 1-1.5" away from the edge of the box, and you cover it with cloth, or i use tissue paper because it reflects the light better than cloth, but its very easy to puncture if you're not careful... i have the foam board on the bottom and the back and i use a very large piece of paper from the bottom to the top to create a seamless effect... its not worth 50/60 when you can make it for 10.00 lol
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