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Default Re: Ribbon heaven. Worth it?

Originally Posted by lilredsmiles View Post
I think the hardest thing about this, is that her prints are so detailed with so many colors, that they truly look best on white. But this is good feedback and I certainly will mention this to her next time we chat

She does have one print (can't say what it is though.... it hasn't been listed yet!) that has been done on some bright, bold summer colors! We do dots on different color ribbon & I am just waiting on the green light from Donna to get that up & running. I think we'll be doing a solids & a print buy first though...

Wah! I want more dots NOW *stomps foot*! (yes, that is me throwing a ribbon temper tantrum! I love dots!)
Oh I would love to see the new ones! Yes, just mention it to her, even if they are on pastel colors, it would be great.
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