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Default Re: Favorite Way to Make a Twisted Boutique Bow

Originally Posted by ginagal17 View Post
I use cardboard templates that I made like the pp said: cut cardboard to lenght and put a slit up the middle, wrap ribbon and pin. I also have a formula to figure out how much ribbon to use. For a TBB with tails take the lenght of the template you want to use X5 then - 1/2 inch. So if I am using a 4.5" template (which I usually am) (4.5 X 5) -1/2 = 22 inches. For no tails I take the size of the template x 4 then add 1 inch. So with the 4.5 inch temp it is (4.5 X 4) + 1 = 19 inches. Probably TMI and a little confusing...that's ME!

Very creative of you!
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