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Default Re: Tutu makers - which knot

Originally Posted by TinasK View Post
I use the loop knot (that's also a slip knot right? lol), but I've recently started doing a square knot on top of my loop knots by using one of the pieces from the one next to each other. Does that make any sense? I loop knot one piece, then I loop knot another and use one piece from each to make a square knot going all the way around like that.

I actually haven't had any problems with just the loop knot, but I was always worried about it so I tried something different. It actually looks almost the same when I add the extra knots; which is a good thing.
What a novel idea Tina That certainly sounds very sturdy.

The first few I made I used the loop knot and the last few I've made I've used the square knot. To be honest, the square knot goes much faster for me.
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