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Default Getting really upset.. please help

Well at first I was doing really well making bows and clips and in the last couple days I can't get any right. The basic boutique bow is kicking my butt. I can't keep any of the loops right. By the time I get 2 and go to wrap the 3rd around I end up losing all of them. Plus there are so many bows I would love to make but I don't have any idea what they are called to try to find instructions. I hope its ok I post some links here to someones site. I love the bows she has made and would love to learn how to make them. Can anyone please tell me what these bows are called so I can attempt to find instructions?

My First Bow - The Ava

4th of July Star Bow

'Lil Panda Bow

Ok and the ones in this link.. are they really as easy as they look.. I'm thinking you just line the clip... form a circle with the ribbon and wrap another piece around the center and glue it to the clip.. it can't be that easy can it LOL

'Lil Clippies in Springtime

There are alot more that I don't know what they are but I don't want to bombard you guys I'm really sorry to keep asking so many questions. My daughter is finally leaving the bows in her hair and today at lunch with out playgroup a bunch of girls showed interest in them so I would like to get a couple more that I can make well to maybe sell to them
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