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Default Re: how to make a tutu tote bag?

I made ava one for ballet class. I did it own my own without a's pretty simple. The tutorial that was listed is actually more time consuming because just by looking at it I can tell that she has you gather the tulle and pin it to the bag to sew it. I use my ruffler foot so I sew it right on to the bag in one step. I think I paid $60 for my foot but that's because I have a pfaff. I think the brother ones run about half that. I also have a embroidery machine so I put her name on it. I don't like them without a name or design...I think they look naked lol. I know I could sell them like crazy if I wanted to but I don't really like making them. I sold 4 the first day of ballet and was like...noooooo!! It was one of the few things I have made for ava and not planned to sell but people keep coming after me.
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