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Default Re: Want to buy a button cover machine-What to look for?

Originally Posted by Memoriestoyou View Post
One thing I don't understand is why the difference in the base hole diameter. Does that matter for just covering buttons with fabric?
If you mean the hole in the middle of the die...

That's just a service we offer. The standard inside diameter isn't wide enough for thick hair elastics (like Goody Ouchless). If you want to make button pony-o's with that kind of elastic, you need a die with a wider inside diameter. It does not affect the operation of the die, and if you never plan to make them, it's totally unnecessary.

Oh... and we figured out a much easier way of making pony-o's than is shown in the tutorial. It involves flat backs and zip ties...

If you mean the hole in the bottom of the machine, into which the die fits...

Different brand dies have different sized "stems" (or "posts") that drop into the machine base. If you already own a machine and just want some new dies, we'll make sure the dies fit your machine (the stem/post matches up with the base hole) -- just let us know what machine you have.
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