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Default Re: Kanzashi flower help

Originally Posted by Woobie View Post
I attempted my first kanzashi flower today from Steph's tut. However, I can totally see the threads between the petals. Did I not pull them tight enough before I tied it off? Any advice? TIA

Here's a picture FYI (can't see the threads from the top - only the sides).
It is hard to tell from with the center on..but I would think you just need to pull it a little tighter. I use the dental floss to tie them together because when you make your first knot, the floss will stick a little until you can make your 2nd knot. Also when you string your petals on the floss, make sure they are all butted up against each other before you tie them together. If you have any problems with your next me pics before you put the center on so I can see what it looks like.
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