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Default Re: I am very very sad THREEBLESSINGSBOWTIQUE AT GMAIL DOT COM you can reach me

Allison is right. There are always 2 sides to every situation like this. Allison has acknowledged that she didn't handle all of her orders perfectly. She has also worked to make every situation that she can right. Is it possible that emails have failed to go through one way or the other? Is it possible that the order was confused with another? Yes. It's possible. All anyone can know is their individual side of the story. If we all "pick sides" we just end up with a big fight. Let's let the two parties involved work it out.

Obviously, I'm posting in support of Allison, and I think it's only fair that I share why I even care. It started when I bought some of her tuts, and asked her a few questions. She was wonderful, and so helpful. Then I ordered some supplies, and some singed flowers. The first order of singed flowers got messed up somehow (can't remember details now, but I was short). Allison made it right, and then some. We talked some more, first about bows, flowers, etc., then about life in general. Later, I was able to support her, and be there for her as she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, something else we have in common. We are truly great friends now, and so obviously I support her, and hope that people will see that she's not some sort of con artist/thief. I hope that anyone who has an honest issue with her will give her a chance & work through it with her. Who knows, you might even come out with a wonderful friend!
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