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Default Re: I am very very sad THREEBLESSINGSBOWTIQUE AT GMAIL DOT COM you can reach me

one thing about these things is there are always two sides, in my defense to Allie, I did email her asking how to make her order right and never heard back as she said she was going to get me the right order so I could do it correct for her.....

like I said, there are always two sides..

but I dont understand why if you were out that much money (but you did receive something) you werent emailing me every day until I got it to you......please email me your correct order so I can get it right for you and settle this.

Oh and also, in my own defense from a previous post, before I left 6 months ago, ALL OF MY GROUP BUYS WERE SHIPPED, AND my wholesale ppl contacted on how to reach me and when they could expect items...again, on here it is hard to write anything in your own defense but I think that without knowing the whole story it makes one or the other person look bad.

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