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Default Re: Does anyone have a Tecre button maker?

I am saving my money to buy one. I am just like you though, scared to put out the money. I almost got one for a very good price, but it ended up getting broken by the owner's handy man.

Anyways, I was told about a place that lets you use one for a small fee. I went there and they let me try it out for just the cost of the supplies. I have heard such good things about the Tecre machine, and that is the one they had. It is very easy to use. The circle cutter they had is not sold on the Tecre site, and it was not that great. So, definitely get one sold by them. I wish this place was closer so I could just pay $5 a year to use theirs as much as I want instead of buying my own. I am worried about putting the money out, but not be able to use it enough since I do not make bows.

I wish my husband would tell me to just go ahead and buy!
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