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Default Re: Need some advice and help!!

Originally Posted by khofkamp View Post
I think the newer bows look really good. Maybe just need some more shaping. Get the loops even on the twisted bows and the surrounding loops, like the pink ric rac on the bottom left of the owl bow? Reshape so they are nice and even, then starch to get them to hold the shape you want

I used to starch mine all the time to get them to hold shape, but over time you will naturally get that shape as your technique improves and other than baking before I put the whole thing together I do not have to starch anymore

Thank you. I've noticed alot that sometimes they end up wider or longer on some loops. Still working on getting them even Baking? as in the oven? Wow didn't think of that. So do you bake before putting together or the finished bow? Thanks again!
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