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Default Re: Need some advice and help!!

Originally Posted by mwilkins View Post
#1 way to go..definate improvement ..I think the owl one is really cute..

I'm pretty new to making bows so I don't have much to go on..I'd just work on your spikes a little to try and make them more uniform or the same length.

I myself have a terrible time w/them and found this to be helpful

as for your twisted bow I think your doing you use a template or free hand? I have the nbng but also bought just daisy's tutorial..and It's really good helping with technique and she sells it for a fair price compared to some of the other instructions and tutorials I've seen.

Best of Luck

Thanky you! I do free hand but that usually takes a while to try and get it right most of the time. Do you use templates? Do you find it faster and easier with them? I'm hesitant to purchase then ending up not liking and just wasting $$ if I wont use them. I purchsed a tutorial from Lil Hiccups Bow intructions on here I believe. Which tutorial is fairly priced? I hate doing the spike cause i can never get them to stay put. I've tried sewing, not sewing, gluing, woodburning and they always end up weird! lol! I've been hunting down tut's on here to help me better understand them. Thanks again for your help and input!
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