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Default Need some advice and help!!

I've started making bows when my daughter was 5, she's 7 now. I've learned so much from here and wanted to show off some of my stuff and get some advice, I also have a few questions!

I mostly started out with just clippies and then decided to move into bows but I hardly ever took pictures. So the the first 2 pics are some of my first bows about 1 year 1/2 ago(horrid) lol! The 4 after are my most recent ones. Which I am satisfied with but would like to achieve better looking bows. I would like anyone who has the time to rate my bows and give me feedback on what I should and shouldn't do.

Also a Hobby Lobby was recently opened nearby and I am in love with their ribbons . I haven't been able to find marabou/boa trim. The one I noticed there looked to thick to use. Am I wrong? Also I have seem some bows with a longer marabou/boa feathers sticking out? Haven't been able to find out where to get this at. I spend endless nights googleing and searching for the longer ones and can't find it just the regular marabou ones. Can anyone help me out and make it easier for me??
Another question if anyone can answer... I've seen some type of clay type of resins really cute ones. Anywhere besides etsy to find those? Thank you all in advance and hope to get some good and constructive critisism from all. You ROCK!!

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