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Default Re: Vendor Apron Tut?

Originally Posted by missdana1105 View Post
It's not the straps I am worried about, lol. I just hate when aprons cut off before you get to the sides, where it doesnt cover the whole front, does that make sense? Hopefully I will be able to make one real soon! I am excited.
haha That was my thoughts too! When I made the actual "apron" part pattern. I measured my waist across how far I wanted it to come, and then measured down how far I wanted it to hang, and then took a piece of that packaging paper that comes on the huge roll and cut it to those dimesions and then I just rounded the edges to make it more apron like and thats how I cut my apron out. So that way it fits perfect!

Originally Posted by Meghan View Post
I have the same issue I actually bought a home depot apron for like 77 cents or something (just double knots in back) and hot glued turquoise flannel on the front and then zebra ribbon around the edges of the pockets. Would love a zipper but no clue how to sew a zipper on! Otherwise im sure I could make up my own pattern.......would love one that tied in front but the ribbons would have to be like 45 feet long lol

ETA the apron fits all the way from hip to hip, I dont want my tummy showing on either side!
Good idea! If you don't know how to do a zipper (I didn't either, i had to watch like 10 youtube videos on it till I found a method I thought would work lol) you could always add small strips of velcro?
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