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Default Re: I am very very sad THREEBLESSINGSBOWTIQUE AT GMAIL DOT COM you can reach me

I wonder if you are the canuck that she sent a box of stuff to me by mistake. I still have it (untouched). I e-mailed her a couple times to see what she wanted to do about it but no reply. Was it boas and singed flowers? Maybe send her a PM. I can ship it to you as long as someone covers the shipping.

Originally Posted by Poppy View Post
Did anything further ever come of this? I'm feeling really annoyed that I got swindled on this and another group buy here. I have emailed Allison several times and she keeps saying they're on their way. I've asked again for a refund, although I'm not holding my breath.

I've been away from the forums for a while, just wondering if anything (other than the change in group buy policies) ever happened...
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