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Default My first stacked bows & now I have questions...

Hi Ladies.

I just want to say thanks to all of you out there. I'm learning a ton and just in awe of your work!

So I made my first stacked bows for my daughter to match her St. Pat's t-shirt. I know it's always more difficult when learning something new, but it prompted me to ask a couple questions

Do you get bigger sized alligator clips for the bows the bigger they are? These bows fit on the clip fine, but I was thinking about those ginormous ones some of you make, that I would eventually like to try.

How do you attach your completed bow to the lined clippie? I did a flat wrap center and tried to get it around the clip was that ever difficult!! Any tips would be helpful!

How do you attach embellishments to the center of your bow? The hats on these bows were buttons, I burned off the button loops with a wood burning tool...then I tried crazy glue to attach to the flat wrap center. Wasn't crazy about that (ha no pun intended!) so I switched to E6000. That seems to be holding well enough. We will see how well come the end of the day when I pick her up from daycare!



P.S. Sorry, not such a great pic...just took it super fast with my phone this morning before putting them in her hair and running out the door.

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