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Default Re: Satin Ribbon for Wipe Case

Originally Posted by BowMamaof4 View Post
My preference is 2.5" when I can find it. It's harder to find in a variety of colors. If I can't find it, 1.5" will work. A lot of people are laying (2) pieces of 1.5" next to each other and then a third down the center for the slider portion. Hope that helps!
you can get 2" at Michaels, on sale its $2.50 for 4 yards. You can also find bigger sizes online at either gifts intl or bbcrafts but its in bigger rolls. I also just got some 1.5" from Rabom $2 for 5 yards and the quality was excellent. The 2" brown I got at Michaels I still had to layer.
~~ Dana
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