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Default Re: Vendor Apron Tut?

I posted in another share thread, but I figured I'd post my finished apron here too...

Originally Posted by ScrappyJill View Post
I never thought of this either My husband is always surprised when I come with money because I always forget about my money pouch and leave it Great idea!
haha Girl you better watch that money!

Originally Posted by isabellasmommy2010 View Post
really cute apron but even better idea

Originally Posted by missdana1105 View Post
I've been digging and digging around the internet to find a tut for a vendor apron and have yet to find one I love. I am probably bigger than any of you ladies here and am ashamed to ask any of the etsy vendors to make one big enough, lol. I have a show coming up in a couple weeks and if I have time to make one I will post a tut to share.
I felt the same way, I'm a big girl and I know how you feel. I wanted to buy one so bad, but I was just too embarrased to give my measurements. lol So I basically followed the tut that I showed earlier, but made my own measurements. I'd be more than glad to help you if you need it. I'm not sure what size you are, but I'd be more than happy to give you my "pattern."
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