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Default Re: Help..Cuttlebug 2x2 die question..

Originally Posted by myfairytutu View Post
Does anyone know if the Cuttlebug 2x2 die can cut felt using the Big Shot machine? I tried the sandwich formula and couldn't get it through the machine. I was testing it was craft felt. I even tried just cutting paper without success. What am I doing wrong? I didn't want to force it through and break the machine.

Thanks in advance!
Are you using the multipurpose platform? You may need to send it through with one sheet down on it if it is too thick. I have found that some dies are too thick to go through with all of the plastic sheets on the platform but yet not thick enough with one of them down so I just put a thin piece of cardboard like from a pop box underneath the die and it works. I hope this made sense..
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