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Default Re: Has anyone purchased these tuts?

Originally Posted by Danie_Edwards View Post
You know what's so funny is I've almost purchased both of those lol that first link I almost actually bought just this weekend lol! Snazzie drawers is AWESOME sometimes I do have some issues following her directions, but I'm one of those people who realllllly love it when I have directions in front of me wrote from someone who is really detailed to the point of even a person who has never used a needle and thread or cut a strip of fabric would have a super easy time understanding what the tut is saying lol Snazzies "aubrey" flower was one of my first tuts I bought for fabric flowers and it was really really easy to understand, it even had printable templates. Now her "kennedy flower" I'm still standing around scratching my head but all her stuff is super beautiful and I can't wait to figure it out
I read somewhere on HG that snazzie is really difficult for those of us who need pictures/ I've hesitated on those. But the etsy store tut looks terribly interesting and I'm really looking for some new ideas in my store. I've been goofing off on my own and I'm not thrilled with my results. I really need a jumping board to get me started...

I'd like to introduce more elegant materials into my rosettes...
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