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Default Re: Ribbon heaven. Worth it?

Originally Posted by 1pink1blue View Post
NOOOOOO Not worth it!!!!!!!! First off, they changed their rules so that you can't use the ribbon for resale.
This has *always* been the rule. Even before Ribbonheaven was created & it was group buys on her previous yahoo group Tabbywabby. You can't sell on Ebay or Etsy. Facebook, your personal site, other groups are OK if you have the ribbon in hand (meaning you can't do a "group buy" in other groups for ribbonheaven ribbon).

She takes pics of her orders before she ships out because she has had people say that they didn't get things that they did get She does this with every reported shipping error. She isn't singling you out.

Have you tried calling Donna directly? Her number is on the "contact us" page. That is the best way to get a hold of her. She is currently slammed shipping out the group buy ribbon. Sorry this is so frustrating for you!
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