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Default Re: My dd is going to be Cinderella in her ballet recital, and I need a little help,

This is lovely! You made the dress too?! A tut would have me in your debt for life, lol. The recital isn't until May, so I've got plenty of time to mess around. She does a lot of dancing, so whatever I do has to be cemented into place, but I'm prepared to modify as needed.

Originally Posted by jmd1979 View Post
We just went to Disney and of course my youngest had to dress up like her fav. Princess. I did the best I could with her hair. It took some trial and error but I like the way it turned out. I am going to try to post a tut on my blog by the end of this week but if you need one sooner I can try to help out. I used a ton of hair spray and made it pretty tight. I think it held up pretty well considering it lasted through a whole day at the Magic Kingdom! LOL! Oh and the headband was a totally makeshift one! LOL! I had big plans to sew one up, but instead I just used some left over fabric from her dress and folded and glued here and there and then added some elastic at the bottom.


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