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Default Re: Vendor Apron Tut?

Originally Posted by tabitwhe View Post
I made one on friday and used it all weekend I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I made mine similar to the one that the PP shared a link to that she had bought. I didnt really need the clasp thing but it is there if I need it LOL Here is a pic, I can get measurements of it if you want. just please excuse the background mess, this picture was only suppose to be shared with my close friend

Oh and the ties were long enough to go around my back and tie in the front. Im not a small person either LOL. I liked it because it meant I had a bow in the front.

Oh and the zipper was super easy to attach this way.
Oh that is so cute! I love it! I wanted to attach my zippers like that too because it was gonna be way easier, but I don't think it'll go as well with the style apron I'm wanting.

I finally found a tut I like and its actually for a regular half apron. She gives really crappy "patterns" to use, so I'm kinda just using her tut as a reference to make the same style apron but with my own pattern... make sense? (plus I'd have to alter her pattern a lot because she says shes a skinny mini in the tut and to adapt it to your size anyway lol) And I'm just gonna make the wasitband a bit thicker, make the ties plain (without her little bow thingy), and add pockets with zippers and a pouch or two.But heres a link if ya wanna see. I'll post pix when I'm done.
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