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Default Re: Beginner Question - Tutus and Hair Bows

I think it depends on what type of tutus you are wanting, a simple single or 2-tone color basic tutu I think you could probably do on your own quite easily and not hurt yourself by spending more. The more elaborate tutus aren't so much more expensive to make, but are definately more time consuming and take more 'work' to understand and figure out. I think it more depends on what you love to do. I love playing with ribbon and making bows and sculptures, I love taking tulle and see how I can manipulate it to make something special for my little girl. But I can't seem to find joy in yarn, and rolled flowers just seem to make my head spin. I really want to sew, but my christmas present is still sitting 2.5 hours away, and I have no desire at all to learn to use an embroidery machine. If you don't love doing it, it is just work, and for the amount of pain and headache it causes you it is often less 'expensive' over all to just buy it from someone that does love to do it.
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