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Default Beginner Question - Tutus and Hair Bows

Hello Ladies,

First of all , I would like to thank you all for sharing great tutorials and tips. I started doing some hair bows for my daughter with the help of these tutorials. Now my question is on the Tutu's. Just to be able to have a couple of tutu's for my daughter, is it cheaper to buy them [I have seen great collections in the etsy stores] or make them. Supplies wise , will I be investing a lot more than I would have paid to purchase them etsy. Hope I am making some sense.

For example, IF I just need a couple of bows, it does not make sense to invest in glue gun, box of alligator clips, couple of yards of diff color ribbons etc. Right?

Thanks for reading my explaination and sorry If I posted something that does not make any sense!
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