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Default Re: I need advice on empire tutu

Originally Posted by mclark08 View Post
Ok so I was thinking about putting a sash around my tutu dress. I did not do the secon elastic as I just did the normal tutu dress. I treid to attempt putting a ribbon and I could not get it to look right. How in the world would I get it straight and all that without making a mess with glue?
I've had the best luck with those little Velcro adhesive dots. You can find them at almost any department store or craft store. Stick the rough dots of Velcro around where you want the sash/ribbon to go (ON THE TULLE). Then, place the soft Velcro spots on the sash. Make sure they match up perfectly. You'll most likely have to do a little measuring and marking. But this way, you can add more dots on both the tulle or ribbon if you need to expand or tighten it. Plus it makes the sash easily removable and interchangeable. I also use about 1" Velcro (the larger square adhesives)to connect both ends of the sash together. So make sure when you measure the ribbon, add an extra inch or 2 just to be safe because you want at least 1in of velcro on each end. I connect the 2 ends in front and center then place a flower or bow on only one end so it will overlap and hide where the little lines meet. But again, I may have made no sense right now. The little hour of sleep we all lost has thrown me a little bit off today. Good luck!
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