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Default Re: Questions for ya'll! :)

Originally Posted by jessmakowski View Post
glad to know im not the only one who was a bit shocked i am pretty new to all this i thought they could just keep the stuff they photographed then they said we should just do it in dollar terms i will do this one with them because my friend will be getting some free newborn pics out of the deal since her daughter will be the model but i guess i really should look into a different photog
Having $150 worth of product photographed isn't bad... thats actually going to give you great photos of alot of product... the fact that she's allowing only an hour... thats awful! I probably spend 3-10 hours on each boutique that sends me items, unless its one item at a time... And newborn pictures are if-y... newborns can get fussy, restless, hungry... my newborn shoots run 2-3 hours in most cases... Unless she puts the baby in one spot sleeping and snaps away which gives little difference in the photos...

I'm not sure what the arrangement is... your friend getting free newborn pics as in prints included or just the pics taken and she has to also buy the prints??? I would definitely request a cd and release for the photos for sure!

The boutiques I model items for also get several models, usually even when its only one item... I feel like you're getting ripped off.
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