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Default Re: Questions for ya'll! :)

Using professional modeled images of your products, is only to give an idea of what the product looks like on a child. Considering you don't duplicate much, your best option is to get modeled photos of a few items that you do similar styles of without matching them exactly, you should do a modeled photo, and explain that each piece is unique. You can either post a picture of the material you have available so that they may choose from your current stock, or you can give them the option or choosing their own colors. If they want specific colors to do a M2M object, ask them for a photo so you can get the colors right for sure.

When it comes to tutus, the idea is the same... do a few modeled and post a picture of the tulle colors you have available, or do a list so that they may choose. Perhaps give them the option of choosing what colors they want under the understanding that if you don't have it in stock it will take a little extra time to order it.

Very few boutiques make items that match exactly every time. And there are tons of ribbon options and colors and patterns nowadays. Professional modeled photos just really help sell the item in a lot of cases.

I modeled a dress for OneTwoThree Shop and as soon as she posted the photo she had a half dozen orders that day, and didn't have any when she posted a picture of the dress alone...

The same with a M2M bow for the MudPie Wild Child Giraffe set... she posted a photo of the bow she made for me and everyone said how cute it was. But she posted a modeled photo of it, and was instantly slammed with comments about how they had to have one, how much it was, etc...

Everybody's looking for something a little different, the photos give an idea of style, size, shape, color combos, etc... not exact product in most cases...

I would love to model items for you if you're ever interested just send me an email

[email protected]
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