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Default Re: my first flip flops

Originally Posted by Ajcnpgc4ever View Post
Thanks so much for you information. I will watch out for that. I was thinking of stocking up on Old Navy flip flops. They usually have them 2 for $5. Last year they had them on sale for $1 one day so maybe they will do this again this year and i can stock up. I love flp flops and am ready for the flip flop season.
good Idea! I think it's around memorial day weekend when they do the $1 sale. I plan to take my DD and her friends because there is a 5 pair limit. So we don't have to make as many trips to the end of the line (which reached the back of the store last year!!!
I was fortunate enough to get over 130 pair around Christmas time for .47 each!! Not all colors were available, but I am completely stocked up on pink, hot pink, red, orange, purple, lavender and green! I also got some more red and brown at WM for .50 each in Jan.., so keep that in mind next winter!! I won't even mind paying $2.50 retail for the colors I didn't get
I spent less than 100 and I know I'll be happy I did this summer.
ON also marks some of their colors down to like .97 or 1.47 before summer is over so I always check in when I'm close!!
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