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Default Re: Oh Please tell me there is a tut!!!

Originally Posted by mothermayi View Post
That's mine. :0)

That flower was from a group buy, but I do know how to make them. It's pretty simple...I just felt like saving time and just buying a bunch of them!

That particular one you cut your satin and tulle in a large flower shape. You layer satin, tulle and satin together. You fold the three layers in HALF and then you take and fold in a QUARTER of that half in again...glue the part with the quarter folded in down onto your piece of felt. keep repeating that process around the circle of felt, leaving the middle area kind of open. Then you take your three layers and fold it in half and then and kind of twist it in so that the bottom is pointy and the top bushes out...and glue the pointy part down into the center of the flower.

Your such an angel! I too have been looking for how to do these! Thanks so much for sharing and being a good sport about others wanting to learn!!!!
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