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Default Re: Petti tutu help!!!!

Originally Posted by BowMamaof4 View Post
The tutu God has spoken! Jessica is THE best.

If I do too many and stretch it out I just cut and resew it until it fits. Highly scientific.

If you have a waist measurement, you don't need as much stretch in your elastic to make sure it will fit. That is why I get measurements on my tutus to make sure they won't be too big/small since they aren't quite as stretchy as ones that have less tulle. (But they are much poofier)
Keep trying it on until it is as full as you like it to be. Then you know.
I don't use headbands - they are a pain for me and get all stretched and ugly.
Even the dresses I make with them attached, I still use elastic and attach them after the fact.
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