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Originally Posted by Blkhawkfan View Post
The ribbon (stem) looks like it's either a dot of e6000, or a piece (0.3 to 0.5 cm x width of ribbon) of heat n bond ultra, placed sporadically along length of ribbon-stem, the leaves either glued or sewn to ribbon, and again bonded onto shirt. If you bonded ribbon to shirt approx 1" from end near shoulder area of shirt, then left small unbonded space of maybe 1/2 inch in length, then bonded remainder of the 1/2" of ribbon to the shirt, then use that unbonded length as the portion of which you would attach your flower/bow/ribbon sculpture, it would work! you could use french clip, alligator clips, etc for your flowers or bows.
The only hesitation I would have is, the shirt is pictured lying flat on a flat surface. When the shirt is worn, if it is not a snug shirt, or if it is of a thin material, the weight of the flower/bow/etc may cause the shirt to sag...
anyway, I like to brainstorm...
Great post! I love how you brainstorm
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