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Default Re: Rhinestone centers? Please help...

Originally Posted by karina721 View Post
I've seen buttons like that at Joann's. Plus there's someone who sells them on Etsy too but expensive. If you only need a few, I'd do Joann's with a coupon.

Here's the link to the Etsy shop, it's not EXACT but pretty close.
Thanks for the link Karina!

Originally Posted by khofkamp View Post
I am in a group buy for these right now... dont ask who's I am in too many

They also come on some of the AR flowers.

LoL! Ok, I won't ask

Originally Posted by iluvstarz2001 View Post
If you can't find that specific one, you could always use regular rhinestones. A slightly bigger one in the middle and then smaller ones around. Use tweezers and a dab of hot glue or E6000 (my adhesive of choice for centers). Probably nothing you haven't already thought of but figured I'd reply anyway
ILS, you know, that just might work. I was wondering if it was an actual cluster or just separate stones.

Thanks so much for your helpful reply hon
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