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Default Re: my first flip flops

Originally Posted by thepolishedbrat View Post
When I first started making FF's I made four pairs out of ON and Target FF's. They were for my daughter and her riding partners 8th grade trip to King's Island. The ribbon at the bottom stayed on fine, my daughter's was a little picked by the concrete, but they really lasted well considering they were on black top for 8 hours. After her trip I got like 6 orders from other parents whose kids wanted some too.
I was paying retail for ribbon so I went to the dollar store and grabbed about a dozen pair. They looked okay, but the foam (or whatever FF soles are made of) isn't as durable. As the FF is walked in and the "foam" is worn down the ribbon comes off the bottom. I may even have a few pair here that were never worn and warped!!
I stand behind everything I make and let's just say the $1.50 I saved by going to the dollar tree, had me in the hole after I replaced 4pair.
The Dollar Tree FF's are fine if you're not wrapping the sole.
I only wrap the sole now if it's for a custom order. Usually for someone wanting OTT casual wear/swim wear accessories.... I always tell them that it's really cute, but warn them that the ribbon on the sole could pick like a bathing suit on concrete. I don't charge any more for the 3/8 sole trim, but they know their kids so it's their choice...
Just trying to pass on a lesson learned! lol
thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!
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